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About Us.
Welcome to The Tumblr Boutique! This blog is run by Kaith and Becky. Here you will find a bunch of goodies for your blog! If we don't have what you are searching for, you can request it from us. We hope this blog will be useful to you! Check back for new updates!

To-do list.
( ) Dashboard Themes
( ) Extensions/Scripts
( ) Pop-up Boxes
( ) Cursors


How to Make a Blogroll

Click here for an example (it shows everyone you follow on a blank page)

1. Go to Customize > Pages > Add a page

2. Type in a link for the ‘Page URL.’ Example: http://YOURURL.tumblr.com/blogroll

3. On the top of the window, there is a bar. Click that and select ‘Custom Layout.’

4. Paste this code into the blank box.

5. Click ‘Create Page.’

- Kaith



- Aquin & Kaith

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